WHITEBOARD – 23 January 2014


Bench Press: 6 sets of 4.
*Load is straight across: equals 102.5-105% of 6 on 09JAN2014


10 Minute AMRAP:
8 Ring Dips
10 Weighted Cossak Squat (1/4th bodyweight)
25 Double-Unders

Notes: If the sets get too heavy, deload down after the second set.  For the second part, if you are not proficient in Double-Unders either pick a total number per round you can hit 8/10 times in 1 set or sub out 100m Row.

For the Cossak squat here is a good video for a demonstration (weighted starts at 1:22):

If you can’t perform appropriately do stationary lunges (Single Leg Split Squat) or an unweighted version.


3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 23 January 2014”
  1. AM:
    Back Squat – Worked up to 355×5

    Hang Clean – Worked up to 315×1
    Bench Press – 225×4, 250×4, 260×4, 265×4, 225×4, 225×11

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    10 rounds of heavy bag work
    1 minute on
    1 minute off

    5 rounds:
    30 seconds double unders
    30 seconds burpees
    30 seconds rest

    Rugby Crossfit workout.
    find working set of 5 rep bench. Do 5×5 at that weight. 185#
    3 rounds:
    max ring dips
    1 minute rest

    3 rounds:
    max deadhang pullups
    1 minute rest

    Sumo Deadlift High Pullup 95#
    Burpee Box Jumps

  3. Dara says:

    What a great morning – working out with Christine and Lauren!
    91-91-91-91 (fail last rep)-90-90 (fail last rep)

    sub blue band bar dips
    30# Cossack
    100m row

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