WHITEBOARD – 07 January 2013


Build up to a heavy single in the following barbell complex:

A1. 1 Clean deadlift + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Split Jerk 

Deload to 80% and hit the following for 3 sets:

A2. 1 Clean deadlift + 2 Hang clean + 1 Split Jerk


3 Rounds:
Clean Deadlifts (90% complex load)
Deadhang Pull-ups

Notes:  Movements are meant to be done with relative confidence so when first learning keep the weight light and have speed in your movement.  The Clean Deadlift is to work on keeping the balance in the mid foot and the hang clean that follows is to ingrain the proper launching point for the clean and to make you quick under the bar.  If you are not good with the lifts, work on power catches.

The picture of the day is an example of a shortened exaggerated clean deadlift.  I really like this movement done with focus on keeping the balance in the mid-foot the entire time, chest over the bar, and finish with a lat contraction right at the high hang position (mid-thigh).

For the second back you alternate between the pulls and deadhangs.  You do 5 reps of each movements, then 3, then 2, and then you repeat the whole cycle again two more times.

3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 07 January 2013”
  1. Dara says:

    A1: 90#
    missed 95# jerk
    A2: 77#

    blue band

  2. Muscle Snatch + Power (1+1) – Worked up to 175
    Power – Worked up to 225. I was extending early, hope to fix that
    Snatch Pulls – 255x3x4sets
    Pulls-ups and curls to finish

  3. Dedik says:

    2nd wod of the day yesterday.

    Worked up to 255 make on complex. Completed everything but the jerk at 265

    WOD: 230 and had to use a blue band for the pullups.

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