WHITEBOARD – 04 December 2012


A1. Power Snatch: Work up to heavy max
A2. Pull-up: Work up to heavy single


B1. On the minute for 8 minutes perform:
1 Power Snatch (90% 1 Rep)
5 Pull-ups (25% 1 Rep – Corrected from original 50% listed)

Notes: For Part A, work up to a Power Snatch and Pull-up max at the SAME time.  This means you just alternate your reps between Snatch and Pull-up and rest adequetly for both.  Once you hit a max for both then move on to part B. 

IF you do not have weighted deadhang pull-ups please perform 4 sets of 10 banded pull-ups inbetween your working sets of P. Snatch in Part A.  Then for Part B, sub out Pull-ups for 5 Strict Inverted Rows. 

Have fun.

5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 04 December 2012”
  1. Dedik says:

    Snatch work:

    Power snatch: maxed at either 155 or 160 cant remember.

    Snatch: maxed at 200#. almost hit the 205, but shoulder gave out. First time snatching 200 since last february before spring rugby and before shoulder injury. Felt great to lift that kind of weight again.

    Strict Press: 95×10 115×10 (ouch) 95×10

    Pullup work: worked with Dana to really focus on pulling through lats and not the arms. Seems my positioning for vertical pulling is still really wonky. Will be working on that every non hatch day.

  2. bmaguire says:

    snatch 145#

    I think I did 7 rounds of mostly 3 pullups in 10 minutes at 30#

  3. Dara says:

    up to 65# power snatch. 70# seems to be my nemesis in all things snatch related
    blue band pull ups
    WOD with 60#, sub bent over rows for inverted rows

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