WHITEBOARD – 14 November 2012


Bike/Run/Row: 15-20 Minute Constant Cardio performed at conversationaly effort

Collected 2 Minutes of a L-Seat and 3 Minutes in a handstand. Split and break the sets up as needed.

Notes: Do the work, don’t worry too much about the pace or the intensity today. Recover while moving.

9 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 14 November 2012”
  1. LT says:

    Snatch drop holds up to 155×3
    Power clean up to 250×2 + jerk

  2. Dedik says:

    Smattering of different pulling exercises today

    Snatch Pull + Power Snatch: worked up to 160×1

    5 sets of Pendlay Rows: 135 – 155×3 – 135

    5 sets of Clean and Jerk complex: 2 clean high pulls + power clean + jerk. All sets done at 185

    60 situps
    100 alternating dumbbell shoulder presses using 20# KBs.

  3. Brian says:

    bike + l-sit floor(30,30,30,30) + hs-hold(1:10,1:10,:40)

  4. Dedik says:

    Is…Is he just wearing tighty whiteys?

  5. Kevin Olds says:

    4k row
    2min L-sit
    2Min HH

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