WHITEBOARD – 29 October 2012


8 Rounds of:
10 Total Shrimp Squats (Beginner/Intermediate VariationsAdvanced Variation.)
10 Total Spider Man Push-up


Handstand Hold – Collect 3 Total minutes inverted in controlled sets.  NO CRASHING or going to failure.

Notes: No part of this workout is to be done for time. You are trying to do each movement at the greatest difficulty while making sure you are still controlling the movement. Thus, don’t do a variation of the movement that you can’t control for all reps, but don’t pick a variation that makes it easy on you. If the easy variation for the shrimp squat is difficult, try putting some pillows underneath your leg to raise the movement. Trust me, even the easy version of this movement is difficult.

As for the push-ups, if you can’t do them perform standard strict push-ups on the toes or knees. For the handstand portion, everyone should know where they are in the progression of a handstand (piked on wall, straight legs on wall, straight legs on wall while tapping toes away occasionally, free standing from wall, headstand on ground, free standing with no support). Collect three minutes trying to get comfortable in your current level of progression.

Video links courtesy of Ido Portal and Eric Cressey.

One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 29 October 2012”
  1. dara says:

    Done. Beginner shrimp squat. 15 spiderman push ups, the rest strict

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