LT lifting tonight.

I know most probably don’t check the blog on Saturday night but if you don’t have anything going on check out LT lifting in a meet tonight., live webcast, LT lifts around 9, 105+kg class


3 Responses to “LT lifting tonight.”
  1. LT says:

    90 Kg 1st attempt = good lift
    93 Kg 2nd = good lift, competition PR
    95 Kg 3rd = no good

    2 kilos behind Dietrich Homer for 3rd after snatch

    Dietrich opened with 120 = good lift

    I open with 125 = good lift

    Dietrich takes 125 = good lift

    I take 127 thinking it will assure bronze because I am lighter than Dietrich = good lift

    Dietrich misses 130 3rd attempt

    I take 130 for lifetime PR = good lift

    Thanks for everybody that supports me in this community. 223 Kg total = competition PR.

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