WORKLOAD – 25 September 2012


Hang Clean – Work up to heavy single then perform 3 sets of 3 at 85%


2 Sets of:

A1. 5 Rounds of:
50m Sled Push – 135/90
*30s Rest

A2. 8 Alternating Tabata Intervals (20s on, 10s off)
Box Jump (24/20)
KB Swing (70/55)


Notes: The second half of this workout is two whole sets. Do 5 sprint sled pushes with 30s then immediately go into the cross training room. You have 30s to get into the room and start your tabata intervals. You alternate your intervals between box jumps and KB Swings. You do 8 total intervals. Once complete rest 3 minutes and repeat. Record reps completed.

9 Responses to “WORKLOAD – 25 September 2012”
  1. No Hands No Feet Snatch – Worked up to 225. Here is 215 –

    Hang Snatch Pulls 285x3x3

    Power Snatched up to 225

    Snatch 225x4x1

    Some Curls to pump you up.

  2. LT says:

    Front Squat up to 325×3 = PR
    Competition style bench press up to 260×3 = PR
    Cleaning up my diet is having a positive effect on performance.

  3. Brian says:

    beastly workout today.

    Hang Clean 220# PR

    Completed the WODS. I think I feel asleep in my chair at work.

  4. kevineleven says:

    230# x 1 x 1
    185# x 3 x 3

    Wod complete. whoaboy.

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