WHITEBOARD – 21 September 2012


8 Rounds of:
50m Farmer’s Walk (90/60)
6 Sandbag Hang Cleans (90/60)
10 Reverse Lunges (90/60 Sandbag)

Notes: Be smart about the weight on the dumbbell farmer’s walk and the sandbag cleans.  If you grip is fried after the first carry , or you have to break it up 4 times then it may be a good idea to go lighter.  You want to be able to do the first 4 farmer’s walks unbroken.

Who says strongmen don’t do conditioning?

8 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 21 September 2012”
  1. kevineleven says:

    Completed :
    rounds 1-4 90# dumbbells 90# bag
    rounds 5-8 60# dumbbells 90# bag

  2. LT says:

    Snatch+hang snatch up to 175#
    Press 170×5

  3. Snatch – Worked up to 250×1. 260 (f)
    P.Clean + P. Jerk – 290 (5lb PR)
    B. Squat – 335x3x1

    8 Rounds of the WOD complete (90/90).

    Videos of failed Snatch and successful P.Clean & Jerk. Don’t use these as instructional tools on how to do the lifts anytime soon.

  4. Brian says:

    Welcome Rich! Stick to it. Old guys can do this too.

    90# FW
    90# Snatch
    30# Air squats rather than lunges.

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