WHITEBOARD – 27 August 2012


Front Squat: 3 Rep Max


5 Rounds of:
10 Reverse Lunges (5 each side: Load with DB)
8 Straight Bar Dips
12 Weighted Sit-ups (45/30lbs)

Notes: Ready for Bench for Boobs? Take a look at Dave Tate’s article for some pointers on set-up and positioning for a strong bench: Dave Tate’s Six-Week Bench Press Cure.

5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 27 August 2012”
  1. Day 1 of getting back to goal of 300 snatch, 350 C&J, 400×3 back squat with bodyweight around 235-240.

    Bodyweight: 225 and out of shape
    Clean & Jerk: 300lb ugly but done. 285 crisp
    Clean Pulls: 3x3x335
    Back Squat: Worked up to 315×5

  2. kevineleven says:

    250# x1 x3
    Wod Completed : 30# dumbells 45/50# sit ups

  3. Dara says:

    115# FS. which is great cause my 1RM is 125#
    WOD, 25# DB lunges, tan band assist on bar dips, 30# sit ups

  4. Dedik says:

    250×3 *still had plenty in the tank but was focusing on speed and not blowing my legs out for today’s practice.

    Wod: 25# DB Lunges, assisted dip machine, 50-45# DB on situps. Again took it easy on the legs.

  5. Rock says:

    Kept it light. 5 x 5 @ 185. Too many ambers last night.

    WOD completed

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