WHITEBOARD – 26 June 2012


100m Shuttle Run

20 Push-ups

100m Shuttle Run

15 Push-ups

100m Shuttle Run

10 Push-ups

100m Shuttle Run

5 Push-ups

*rest 3 minutes and perform a second time. 

Notes:  50m out and 50m back. Try to make the sprints relatively close to actual sprints. Sorry for the bad formatting, I am sitting in a hospital waiting for babnun umber 2. Post any questions. 





9 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 26 June 2012”
  1. Dara says:

    Hope mom and baby are safe and healthy!

  2. kevineleven says:

    congrats on becoming parents! (again)

  3. The Champ! says:

    babnum umber, that’s funny.

  4. Dedik says:

    babnun should be the name of the child.

  5. kevineleven says:


  6. Dedik says:


    Ran an extra 400m because the pushups were terrible

  7. Rock says:

    Congrats Dana. Can’t wait to meet babnun!

  8. Brian says:

    completed. Good luck today!

  9. Rock says:

    Did today’s wod and the front squats from a couple days ago.

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