WHITEBOARD – 30 March 2012


8x40m Sprints
*Rest 30s inbetween

Rest 1 minute then perform:

2 Rounds of:
50m Farmers Walk (Heavy Dumbbells)
10 Sandbag Squats (85/50lbs)
50m Sandbag Carry (85/50lbs Anyway you want)

Rest 3 minutes and Repeat the WHOLE THING.

Notes: Did you read about repeating the whole cycle? Make sure you do the progression twice. How heavy is “heavy dumbbells”, well heavy enough to make the 50m challenging but not heavy enough to make you have to stop and regrip multiple times.

6 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 30 March 2012”
  1. bmaguire says:

    So what does he keep in the fanny pack?

  2. kevineleven says:


  3. kemm says:

    Did lynne
    5 rounds or max body weight bench press (175#) and max pull ups

    20 25
    10 15
    7 15
    6 12
    7 16
    50 83

  4. LT says:

    2000M Row
    160×5 press, PR since I’ve been cleaning my presses.
    Up to 85 power snatch

  5. bmaguire says:

    Yah LT rowing… Wearing the singlet?

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