WHITEBOARD – 28 April 2011


Mobility WOD – Wrist Functioning


Skill & Drill – False Grip

Set the clock to 15 minutes and work on your False Grip  

Notes: Try to progress the false grip to a point where you can hold it on the bar relatively well and then move it towards the rings. If you can hold the false grip position on the bar see how many consecutive pull-ups you can get without pain. Remember to stop any hold or movement if it feels funky. Make sure to watch the video! 

See Part II of the false grip progression for the ring work as well.  If you work part II see how many consecutive turn outs to turn ins you can get without losing the false grip.

If you can not dead hang well, work on the hand positioning with your feet on a box.  Once you feel more confident with the hold slowly load the movement by going on to your toes and removing the assistance from the legs.

One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 28 April 2011”
  1. Shawn says:

    Offsite WOD:

    * Step Out To Lunge (alternate legs).
    * Burpees
    * Bicycle Crunches (Alternate count on each side)

    1 Minute each movement
    4 Rounds

    60 seconds rest between each round. Score by adding up all reps from each round.



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