WHITEBOARD – 31 March 2011


Mobility WOD



  • 135/95lb Front Squat
  • Chest-to-bar Kipping Pull-up

Notes: Take a look at the mobility wod please!  We are seeing great gains with the individuals that are focusing on the mobility WOD regularly. 

The workout it is a simple one, the bar must be cleaned from the ground to your front rack unless you have a movement restriction.

11 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 31 March 2011”
  1. Dedik says:

    Going to be a little late tomorrow as I have a meeting at noon. Gives me more time to think about the Open 11.2 wod….

  2. Brennan says:

    Mobility WOD – check
    as rxd – 7:54

  3. kemm says:

    Crossfit Games workout
    8 rds +9

  4. Kevin Olds says:

    Mobility WOD – check

    135# ?:?? – clock got messed up, probably @8:30 or so?

  5. grzm (Michael) says:

    MWOD ✓
    115#, subbed kipping (ha!) pull-ups for kipping chest-to-bar.
    Time? Time has no meaning 🙂 I finished!

  6. crossfit games wod
    8 rounds + 8 deads

  7. Dedik says:

    Crossfit Open Wod 11.2

    7 rounds 9 deads

    Dan: That was a lot harder than you thought it was going to be right?”
    Me: “Yeah, that sucked. We’re not doing that one again.”
    Dan: “That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I finished it.”

  8. Robin says:

    95# white band assisted pull-ups

    way to go Michael…you rock 🙂

  9. Shawn says:

    95# 7:57

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