WHITEBOARD – 17 March 2011

Mobility WOD– Do it sometime during the day prior to and after the workout


Run 1 Mile

Rest 5-10 Minutes then:

2 Rounds of:

Handstand Push-up
Rope Pull-ups

Notes: The mile run is a measurement, so don’t sandbag it to be better at the WOD after. Remember for the rep scheme you do 2 reps of each movement, then 3 of each, then 5, and then rinse & repeat.

For the rope pull-ups, use the white rope hanging from the pull-up bars and 1 hand on each strand.

For a sub for the pull-ups, pick a vertical pulling movement (bar pull-up, towel pull-up, gravitron pull-up, band pull-up) that is challenging. You should only be sure you can do the 2 & 3 straight and the 5 should be iffy.

Big shout out to Paul Dedik for finishing up his first WOD of the Crossfit Games as well as Kevin Olds for entering the 500lb deadlift club!

14 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 17 March 2011”
  1. Freddy says:

    Is the 1 mile done on the treadmill, or is there some place where you guys have a marked course?

  2. yes, stop sign to stop sign from the back entrance to union square.

    much , much better.

  3. grzm says:

    8:22 mile
    6:05 green blue band

  4. Dedik says:

    7:28 mile

    4:58 rx’d

    not bad for not repping handstand pushups since early January.

  5. kemm says:

    5:56 mile
    2:22 wod

  6. Brennan says:

    6:22 mile
    3:13 WOD
    2 Guinness

  7. Kevin Olds says:

    7:44 mile ( PR by 2 seconds )
    3:47 yellow/blue bands for HSPU

    grzm forgot to mention his mile is a full minute under his previous PR attained just 4 days ago.

  8. Robin Murray says:

    7:37 mile
    5:00 yellow/blue band HSPU

  9. Freddy says:

    8:12 mile, 6:12 WOD yellow/blue hspu for all sets but the first one (native).

  10. Rock says:

    5:45 mile
    2:13 wod
    Happy St. Pattys day everyone

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