WHITEBOARD – 30 December 2010


1000m Row for Not time?


Can you do a hollow rock?

Notes: What’s up with the row you ask? Well, don’t be worried about finishing as fast as you can. Work on your stroke rating and the power output. Try to lower your strokes per minute while keeping your pace the same. Think… this makes you more efficient! Try to keep a nice back angle during the whole pulling motion and remember that the hip is closed in the catch, open in the end of the pull. Have fun all.

11 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 30 December 2010”
  1. Belichick says:

    Nice! Love the picture from the main site, you should post it alongside the single from a couple of weeks ago.

  2. grzm says:

    Looking forward to rejoining the group. Spending 48 hours at O’Hare gave me time to do some reading. One article I found interesting was “The Workout that Time Forgot” by Nick Hell in the January 2011 issue of Outside. . Also picked up and read “The Four-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. Some interesting stuff on a wide range of health topics. Features, among many others, KStarr and Westside Barbell.

  3. Shawn says:

    I am not going to make it today as planned. We ordered a new Love-seat for our media room and it hasn’t arrived yet. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s!

  4. grzm (Michael) says:

    1000m row: strove for 10 strokes/100m.
    Yes, I can do a hollow rock! About 10 seconds at a time. Want to push myself harder: like I have a gun to my head rather than “oh, this feels uncomfortable.”
    And…I did my first pull-up since I joined the lunch team!

  5. Dedik says:

    1000m row for not time: 3:38

    I honestly did not look at the time once. I focused on keeping my back straight instead of the inevitable round that I get. The last 300 m I focused on the pull and tried to visualize it as clean pull; so instead of stopping at my chest, I visualized driving it past my head. It definitely added more intensity to the pull.

    I rocked out a 1 minute hollow rock (see what I did there?) and then another 45 sec. hollow rock. I have never felt so much constriction in my abdomen. That was interesting and brutal at the same time.

    2 muscle ups

  6. Shawn says:

    4:21. Worked on the pull after some advice from Dan.

    40 minutes Treadmill

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