Beyul Sports Training (D.M.Cole)

Beyul Training sessions are starting again November 23rd (Tuesday) at 4:30!  Please contact me if you plan on having your child participate. 

What is it?

  • Small Group Training Sessions that pull like-minded athletes together with similar goals 
  • Training includes movement assessments (what is wrong with our movements), range of motion & corrective exercises (making the movements right), linear strength, power, and speed progression (getting the body stronger, more powerful, and faster). 

Who is it For?

  • Young athletes looking for a serious commitment to their long term health and performance (Ages 10-18)
  • Post Rehab athletes looking to strengthen imbalances and weaknesses to get themselves back on the field and keep themselves there.
  • Athletes looking to gain confidence on the field and off.


  • Increased Strength & PowerAny athlete with a better strength and power base has an upper hand once they reach the field- it is as simple as that
  • Speed, Stamina, & EnduranceAn athlete that is component in short intervals, as well as long durations, allows for the greatest transfer to whatever sport they will perform. 
  • Increased Flexibility & Injury PreventionAn increase in the athletes Range of Motion (ROM) and strength through entire movement patterns allows for greater injury prevention & performance on the field. 
  • ConfidenceWe aim to build an athlete that is confident, but not arrogant.  We want our young athletes to develop complete trust in their abilities, while being able to pick up their fallen teammates.  Nothing builds this better than proper group training

Keys to Programming

  • Small Group Training Small group sessions allow for individualized assessments, programming, and corrections, while still providing an environment that breads healthy competition and support. 
  • Focus on Full-Body Movements – Linear progression in weighted full body movements allow for the greatest gains in strength, power, and flexibility which will transfer to results on the field! 
  • Technique is Paramount! – Proper technique is not a goal in this program- it is a must.  It builds a foundation for effective and safe training for an athlete’s lifetime. 
  • Making it Fun – Ultimately we are working with competitive and bright young athletes that want to better their performance.  We simply take that drive, while using smart programming and group dynamics to make them love training. 

Pricing, Time & Where

  • When – Tuesday 4:30-5:30 at New Hope Fitness
  • Price – $20 Dollars a session per athlete. 

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