Goal Board

Well, I just put up the goal board at the gym, so this means I had to revaluate my training goals. If you had asked me about a month ago what ,my goals were, it was to increase my deadlift, and very little else.

Well, life has changed – I am older… a little wiser… I think?

I had to revaluate getting the 500lb deadlift. My back angle has been pretty close to horrible during all pulling movements. It was like a pain in the butt mother-in-law – I wanted to pretend it was not there, but it wasn’t going away…

So, my current goals now are:

Short Term (Within the next 6 Months):
1. Increase my Snatch to 225
2. Increase my Clean & Jerk to 285
3. Fix my back angle during my 1st pull

Long Term (Within the next year):
1. Run a 5k in 21 minutes
2. Run 400 Meter repeats at an average pacing of 80 seconds
3. Walk on hands consistently

Taking a look at my goals, and I feel pretty happy about them. All 3 of my short term goals are achievable. Two are for enjoyment (Clean & Jerk and Snatch), and one is to address a weakness (pull angle). All 3 of the long term goals are geared towards weaknesses, with 2 things I don’t necessarily like training for (running) and 1 for fun (walking on hands).

I think mixing in training for weaknesses, as well as for pleasure, is a great way to go about establishing goals. If you simply beat down on your weaknesses day in and day out, you will inevitably push yourself into a depressed training regime. On the other hand, if you never address your weaknesses, you won’t make the universal progression you want.

So, I have my goals- now what? Develop a plan!

The training program is focusing on the Olympic Pulls for the next seven weeks, so programming is synergistic to my first 2 goals. Also, LT has put a boot up my ass and asked me to do a meet with him. Scheduling an Olympic Meet will provide for a nice finish line for my two goals.

For the back angle, I will incorporate deep deadlift pulls for strength/technique on Wednesday’s. I want my back angle to be fixed for both my Olympic pulls, thus my Olympic Meet will act as the deadline for this goal as well.

For the long term goals, I will throw in walking on hands and handstand variations into my warm-up. I am going to start the running regime on Saturdays, which is geared toward increasing 5k time through 400 meter repeats.

So, with that said, what are your goals? And, what are you doing to achieve those goals?

Don't let this be you...

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