BLACKBOARD – 25 November 2014


A1. Clean Pull (2) + Hang Clean + Power Jerk

*Build to 1 set and deload to 85% and hit 3 more sets


Complete all work below:
Row 500m
2 Pull-up
30 Glute-Ham Back Extension

Row 400m
4 Pull-up
25 Glute-Ham Back Extension

Row 300m
6 Pull-up
20 Glute-Ham Back Extension

Row 200m
8 Pull-up
15 Glute-Ham Back Extension

Row 100m
10 Pull-up
10 Glute-Ham Back Extension


Mobility Work

Notes: If you questioned whether the pull-ups were strict, don’t worry. They are strict. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “BLACKBOARD – 25 November 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    up to 95# complex; 80# deload
    and then I looked at the clock and had 10 min before I had to take off so called it a day

  2. AM Session: Power snatch up to 225. 235(f). I believe I was too deep in the catch.
    High Hang High Pull (5) + High Hang Power Snatch (1) – 185×4 sets
    Back Squat: 340×2 (Pause 3 seconds on first rep), 285x5x2 (Pause on first rep)

    Slow as mud today.

  3. Kevin Olds says:

    220# (225f)
    290# x 3
    WOD RX’d

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